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[Condor-users] Adding Nodes to an existing pool

Hey everyone,

So I'm a little confused as what I need to do to add a node to an existing pool.
Right now i have a pool consisting of intel machines running linux. I just got
ahold of an old alpha that I would like to add to the pool but i'm not sure how
to do this. 

So far this is what i've done.

I set up NIS and NFS on the alpha so my condor home's directory is mounted on
the alpha. 

I also downloaded the alpha RH 7.2 binaries and placed them in that shared NFS

This is where i'm a little confused on what to do..

Do i then run condor_install from the alpha? and only set it up for one machine?

Do i need to use condor_init some way to create all the directories (as they
were created when i first set up the pool and knew which machines were going to
be on it)

Any help would be great.

Daniel Nayar
New Mexico State University