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[Condor-users] Centralization

Hey all,

This is a little extension to my problem that I had before. 

Here is the scenario:

Right now I have a few computers that are all of the same architecture (intel
machines) and set up with NFS and NIS. Since I knew of them from the start, at
the install i was able to just run "condor_init" on each machine to set up their
own directories in the user condor's /home/condor/hosts directory. Recently I
got a hold of an alpha that I would like to add to the grid. Obviously I can't
run condor_init for 2 main reasons: A. Its not an intel machine B. I never set
it up to be one of the machines in the initial install. 

What I have done:
I first tried to add the alpha without a shared NFS and was able to do that just
fine, however if i were to extend what i've done to many more machines in our
dept i much rather have centralized configuration files.

Secondly, I've looked at the manual about setting up a heterogenous enviroment
where you can essentially modify the condor_config file to refer to other
configurations based on OS and ARCH and I have a good idea how to do that.

If anyone has any ideas or could be of any help that would be great.