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Re: [Condor-users] Daisy chain condor-c

If you haven't already done it, you will need to set the remote job universe to grid, rather than the default of vanilla. Here's one way that should do it:

+remote_job_universe = 9


On Mar 2, 2006, at 1:57 PM, Ryan Garver wrote:

So I'm trying to handle a situation where I have a personal condor
trying to remotely submit to a condor pool that I don't have admin
access to, however I have submit access on a machine in that pool.  I
want to condor-c to another personal condor-c which then submits to the
final pool.

The first step works (personal condor1 to personal condor2), and the
second step works (personal condor2 to pool).  Its the combination of
those steps (pc1 to pc2 to pool) that seems to be stalling.  My
advertisements have a Resource and RemoteResource that describe the
GridResource and (in the job ad) remote_grid_resource.  It makes the
first hop fine and at that machine the Jobs ClassAd has a GridResource
equal to the RemoteResource in the first personal condor install.
However, it never tries to make the next connection.

Job ClassAd:
grid_resource = $$(Resource)
remote_grid_resource = $$(RemoteResource)
## I first tried : remote_grid_resource = $$$(Resource)
## but that didn't quite work like I had hoped.

First Machine ClassAd:
Resource =   "condor myschedd@<machine> <machine>"
RemoteResource = "condor <machine> <pool>"

Second Machine ClassAd:
Resource = "condor <machine> <pool>"

Is there a limit on Condor-C hops?  If so can I bypass/change it?

Ryan Garver

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