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[Condor-users] RemoteWallClockTime

I'm working on Condor usage reporting, and have one "minor" (haha)
question about RemoteWallClockTime, and need to verify the correctness
of my interpretation.

If a vanilla job starts, gets preempted and goes back to idle, and then
eventually restarts from the beginning, RemoteWallClockTime does *not* get
reset to zero, correct?

If I read the manual correctly, it does not..

I'd hate to report 8 hours for a job than runs for 3 hours, gets preempted, and then runs all the way through again, for 5 hours.. I'd like it to report the 5 hours, not the
total of 8.

Would a safe way to get to to this end for vanilla universe jobs be something like
computing the seconds between  CompletionDate and JobCurrentStartDate ?

For standard universe, it seems to me that
  RemoteWallClockTime - CumulativeSuspensionTime
is ok, as the manual indicates...

Anything else I ought to watch out for to be sure that we're doing something sane?


Preston Smith  <psmith@xxxxxxxxxx>
Systems Research Engineer
Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Purdue University