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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath Related] Strange behaviour - 6.7.17


Thanks for your reply and advice. I'm sorry that I'm not appending your reply as the emails above 40k start bouncing back.

I added code to catch exceptions on about every line as per your instructions. To my utter surprise the code has automatically started functioning. Transactions are being carried out and files are being sent with the same code. On one hand i'm happy but on the other its very frustrating because I can't understand what caused the problem. Anyway, I have some more queries please.

Strange Behaviour (it might not be strange for others though).

[ I've used the term 'personal computer', in this, for the computer I'm using /typing on / interacting on.]

1. When I have only 6.7.17 installed on both the computers that i'm using for my condor pool and I start the mini embedded SOAP web server on the remote computer then condor_status -l does return only the machine that is running central manager / master. It does not matter that on which computer I run the condor_status -l query.

2. When I install 6.6.9 on personal computer and 6.7.17 on remote computer and submit job from 6.6.9 computer (using birdbath) on to 6.7.17 computer then I can not see the job in queue. To check the queue I use condor_q but queue is empty with no jobs in, none idle or etc. Therefore, I remain unaware if my job was submitted or not.

3. When I install 6.7.17 on both the computers and install SOAP server on my personal computer and then submit the job using birdbath then the job can be seen idle in the queue and remains as such forever.

condor_q -analyze says, " 2 match but reject the job for unknown reasons"
condor_status -java returns empty string. However path is correct in both the machines plus the fact that on command prompt job exits gracefully after execution.

4. When I submit the job as a user whose credentials are not stored on the computer then I can't remove it from the queue on command line even when I'm trying as the administrator.

5. The jobs that were submitted, as a user with stored credentials, can be marked for removal on command prompt however condor_q keeps displaying them as jobs marked for removal and condor_q -analyze says , "Request is removed" but does show the id and this remark.

Birdbath Specific Queries

6. condor_q shows all the jobs and related details within a job queue. What's the substitute for it in birdbath? Reason of question is that it seems that I have to metion transaction, clusterId, jobId etc to retrieve the information. However, there is no such restriction in condor_q. What if I want to manage the jobs with birdbath?

7. Can I mention a requirement as "Machine = "\marie-LAPTOP\"" for the job to run on that particular computer?

Any comments/ advise about it, please.