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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath Related] Basics

On Feb 28, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Afrasyab Bashir wrote:


I think the problem you are seeing is coming from sendFileHelper() in
the SOAPScheddApiHelper.java you sent. In there you will find the
line "int index = filenameWithPath.lastIndexOf('/');" that will not
give you a correct response because your paths use '\'s instead of
'/'s. Try changing the '/' to a '\' and see what happens. This is
likely a broken assumption that was made in the helper api, sorry.


Single Back Slash is an escape character and therefore becomes a syntax error within quotes or double quotes. Double Back Slash doesn't work either. I have tried using both. However, the file paths can be mentioned in two ways: with \\ or with /. So keeping the line int index = filenameWithPath.lastIndexOf('/'); as it is, I have tried two ways

when I try with this way

filesToSend = { "d:/test/TestJob.class" }

SOAPScheddApiHelper.submitJobHelper(schedd, null, -1, -1, "afras",
UniverseType.JAVA, "TestJob.class", "TestJob", null, null,

I get the following errors:

Failed to begin Transaction
JobSubmissionException Failed to begin Transaction

This could happen for a few reasons, unfortunately the "helper" doesn't give you access to the actual reason. Can you add some code to origin of this exception so you can see what trans_s.getStatus()'s code and message are? Things might be working just fine for the declare-file issue...

If I only change
filesToSend = {"d:\\test\\TestJob.class"}

then I get
Error Declaring File

Afrasyab: Submit Job Exception

where this exception is only thrown for instruction

SOAPScheddApiHelper.submitJobHelper(schedd, null, -1, -1, "afras",
UniverseType.JAVA, "TestJob.class", "TestJob", null, null,

is made.
Again, could you get at the code/message that the SOAPScheddApiHelper is eating? It would be very helpful.