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[Condor-users] child failed with errno 8 (Exec format error)


Jobs in my cluster are in stuck in idle and giving the error below. Can anyone shed some light on this? I am not sure what this error means or where to go about fixing it.


3/8 16:52:02 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
3/8 16:52:02 Done setting resource limits
3/8 16:52:02 Communicating with shadow <>
3/8 16:52:02 Submitting machine is "tier2-02.local"
3/8 16:52:02 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 173517.0
3/8 16:52:02 IWD: /home/usatlas1/gram_scratch_PWBWLYYIAq
3/8 16:52:02 Output file: /home/usatlas1/.globus/job/tier2-osg.uchicago.edu/9638.1141836817/stdout 3/8 16:52:02 Error file: /home/usatlas1/.globus/job/tier2-osg.uchicago.edu/9638.1141836817/stderr 3/8 16:52:02 About to exec /home/usatlas1/.globus/.gass_cache/local/md5/52/df0b8a6c1cfae5d76a4e3be41 a34cf/md5/58/754e23ddacb681101d84d4455541c5/data -a /share/app -d /scratch -l /share/data -q http:// tier2-01.uchicago.edu:8000/dq2/ -p 25443 -s UC_ATLAS_MWT2 -w https://gridui01.usatlas.bnl.gov 3/8 16:52:02 Create_Process: child failed with errno 8 (Exec format error) before exec() 3/8 16:52:02 ERROR "Create_Process(/home/usatlas1/.globus/.gass_cache/local/md5/52/df0b8a6c1cfae5d76 a4e3be41a34cf/md5/58/754e23ddacb681101d84d4455541c5/data,condor_exec.exe -a /share/app -d /scratch - l /share/data -q http://tier2-01.uchicago.edu:8000/dq2/ -p 25443 -s UC_ATLAS_MWT2 -w https://gridui0
1.usatlas.bnl.gov, ...) failed" at line 397 in file os_proc.C
3/8 16:52:02 ShutdownFast all jobs.