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[Condor-users] condor_submit not respecting umask


i must run all the condor daemons as non-root. i was lucky enough to obtain permission to install condor on several machines at school, there's no way i'd be granted root access to all these machines.

here's the problem ...

- condor daemons run as user condor
- user johndoe call condor_submit from a working directory below / home/johndoe
- users condor and johndoe both have umask 0000
- condor creates jobname.1.0.stderr.out and jobname.1.0.stdout.out owned by johndoe with permissions -rw-rw-r--

and i get ...

WARNING: File /home/johndoe/test/jobname.1.0.stdout.log is not writeable by condor.

why does condor insists on creating stderr/stdout files with -rw-rw- r-- when i've tried so many ways to get -rw-rw-rw- ?

any comments appreciated.