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Re: [Condor-users] Help needed

At 11:17 AM 3/8/2006 +0530, you wrote:
Helllo, all

I have two Windows machine as a cluster, I tried to install Condor on Fedora core, to add it to the. All the daemons are running in the machine, but i have an error:

Couldn't fetch ads from the collector, for condor_status.

What would be the reason? There is no error in the collector log, but the master log says that theres some error like."unable to upadate the collector ads".

Can you provide a few more details?

You have two computers: I'll call them A & B. Which machine is running the collector? Both? Which computer are you using condor_status on? Do you have multiple network interfaces? If you run the following command, what is the output?

condor_config_val COLLECTOR_HOST

Is DNS properly configured on your computer, to do lookups in both directions? That is, if the computer is named foo.example.com and the IP address is, you should be able to do:

nslookup foo.example.com
nslookup p198.254.10.5

And both should work.

(nslookup might not work on Windows computers, I'm not sure, but use an equivalent command that can resolve DNS addresses.)