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[Condor-users] Setting up the Central Manager

I was trying to set up a central manager as follows on Linux Entp Edition 4:
After  unizipping a tar file and running the Rpm ( condor version 6.6.10), I have set the environment variables by reading from condor_config file in <inst dir>/etc/
the i tried to start the condor by invoking condor_master for which i have not got any output ( silently executed)
upon checking the list of processes running, i have got the following output:
[usr555@dsl-turtle01 ~]$ ps aux | egrep condor_

condor    6538  0.0  0.4  5132 2068 ?        Ss   02:14   0:00 ./condor_master
condor    6539  0.0  0.4  5392 2192 ?        Ss   02:14   0:00 condor_collector -f
condor    6540  0.0  0.3  5136 2016 ?        Ss   02:14   0:00 condor_negotiator -f
condor    6542  0.0  0.4  6020 2520 ?        Ss   02:14   0:00 condor_schedd -f
condor    7294  0.0  0.1  4596  652 pts/1    R+   04:18   0:00 egrep condor_
i was wondering if i have started up all the processes? Is condor_startd process is also needed to be started? Please guide me as i am confused. For your reference i have not configured the execution machines, but so far i have configured this machine as central manager. I will be thankful to you in this regard.
Best regards

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