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[Condor-users] Condor+Weka

Good morning.
Seems to work with the jar in the executable line, and
the same line in the jar_files and in
transfer_input_files!!! Thank you!
But now, there's a new exception:
JavaNullPointerException... maybe because there's a
different way to use file_separator ( / \ ) in linux
and windows... and weka uses a system call that query
to the sys op which separator is used.

Any different ideas?

Anyway I'm trying to submit a java file from a Linux
workstation to a grid with 7 pcs, 6 with linux, 1 with
windows installed. The problem is that there is java
installed over the linux workstation, but the
requirements says that only the windows machine has
java! I configured the JAVA line in the condor_config
file, but still don't works. How can I solve it?
Thank you.


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