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[Condor-users] problems using condor_configure script


I'm having some problems when using the condor_configure script as explained in
the command reference manual.

I'm installing condor version 6.7.17 from the tgz file (for Debian Sarge) on a
Beowulf cluster.

I want the release (install) dir to be /home/condor (NFS-shared dir.).
I want the local dirs to be /home/condor/local.$(HOSTNAME).

First, from the central manager's machine (called "e01") I do (as root):

./condor_configure --install --install-dir=/home/condor
--type=submit,execute,manager --verbose

and everything goes well.

Then, I login an execute machine (called "e02") and I do (as root):

./condor_configure --central-manager=e01.granja.eixam.upc.es --type=execute
--install-dir=/home/condor --verbose

But I get the following output from the script:

------------------------- OUTPUT ------------------------------
Condor will be run as user: condor
Install directory: /home/condor
Main config file: /home/condor/etc/condor_config
Local directory: /home/condor/local.e02
Local config file: /home/condor/local.e01/condor_config.local

Backing up local config file to: /home/condor/local.e01/condor_config.local.backup.1142526253

Writing settings to file: /home/condor/local.e01/condor_config.local
------------------------- END OUTPUT --------------------------

Notice that the location of the local directory for this execute machine is
correct, but the local config file is placed in /home/condor/local.e01, NOT
/home/condor/local.e02 as I would expect. Therefore, the local config file for
the central manager is replaced by the local config file for the execute

I tried to enforce --local-dir=/home/condor/local.e02  and  --install, but it
didn't work.

Should I create the local dirs/local config files by hand for each execute
machine? Am I missing something? Thanks a lot,


PS I have not subscribed to condor-users mailing list, please could you reply
directly to me (pablo.roldan@xxxxxxx).