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[Condor-users] UNC paths

I have a condor pool of several nodes running Windows Server 2003.

\\ordsrv3\ormpdata is a shared drive with full permissions for all.

My binary, input and output all go to this shared drive - no file transfering. Here is an example of part of my sub:

environment = PATH=\\ordsrv3\ormpdata\bin\WinXP-Debug;c:\WINDOWS\system32;c:\WINNT\system32
executable  = condor_exec.bat
initialdir  = \\ordsrv3\ormpdata\milprun\test_win
transfer_executable = false
should_transfer_files = NO
log         = \\ordsrv3\ormpdata\milprun\milp_win.log


My condor_exec.bat simply wraps the exe:
\\ordsrv3\ormpdata\bin\WinXP-Debug\exemilpNET.exe %*

I am getting the following error in stderr (on some machines):
 CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory.^M
 UNC paths are not supported.  Defaulting to Windows directory.^M

I have followed this website:

And changed the registry on each node.

The odd thing is, despite the error, it seems to proceed fine - but having the error in stderr makes we wonder if there is still a problem. Plus I'd rather not have stderr if there is no error. Any ideas?