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[Condor-users] unable to submit the job to stork server, stork _q not giving me output; Could any one help me please?

I wanted to try data transfer using stork and so i created a stork submission file "code1.stork" in the directory of /condorreleasedir/sbin
its contents are as follows:
//this is a test transfer using stork
        dap_type = transfer;
        src_url = "file:/home/condor/condor/bin/testdata";
        dest_url = "file:/home/condor/condor/bin/testdata1";
i have the source file also in the same directory.its name is testdata.
when i give " ./stork_submit code1.stork " command i get the following error:
Sending request:
        dest_url = "file:/home/condor/condor/bin/testdata1";
        src_url = "file:/home/condor/condor/bin/testdata";
        dap_type = transfer
ERROR submitting request (Unable to start STORK_SUBMIT command to host (null)
i have tried to check the stork_q command and when i execute stork_q, i get the following error:
[condor@dsl-turtle01 bin]$ ./stork_q
ERROR getting list of jobs (Unable to start STORK_SUBMIT command to host (null)
[condor@dsl-turtle01 bin]$

could any one help me by helping me figure out where the cause of the problem might be?
I appreciate your help in this regard.
Thanking you,

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