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Re: [Condor-users] Running several jobs contemporary

Hi Nils,

This is from condor_config:

##  If you want to "lie" to Condor about how many CPUs your machine
##  has, you can use this setting to override Condor's automatic
##  computation.  If you modify this, you must restart the startd for
##  the change to take effect (a simple condor_reconfig will not do).
##  Please read the section on "condor_startd Configuration File
##  Macros" in the Condor Administrators Manual for a further
##  discussion of this setting.  Its use is not recommended.  This
##  must be an integer ("N" isn't a valid setting, that's just used to
##  represent the default).

You could try setting N (in the condor_config of the execute machine)
to something higher than the number of physical CPU's. But the more
jobs you allow to run concurrently the less efficient the total throughput
will be.

Cheers, Alex

Nils-Odd Solberg wrote:


I have just one, short question and that is: In a pool consisting of one
central manager and one execute machine is it then only possible to have
one job running contemporary, not 3 or 5 or 7 if my que consist of for
example 20 jobs?

Hope some of you out there have an answer, and maybe even an

Thank's in advance (for fast replies).


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