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Re: [Condor-users] CondorView client doesn"t update


Glad to see you are still pluging away at Condor. I recently set up Condor view
not to long ago. I suggest using this page followed a few pitfalls I ran into.


Forgive me for not remembering his name but I think it a great document.

So when you run the cron job are data files actually created in the directory
where your webpages are stored at?

Is the machine that you are running the condorview server the same machine that
is collecting the data from your primary collector?


New Mexico State University

Quoting Nicolas GUIOT <nicolas.guiot@xxxxxxx>:

> Hi
> I have problem to update my condor view client.
> I'm running the condor view client on a debian sarge. I setup the cron as the
> cronentries told me, they _do_ run (I saw this in the /var/log/syslog, but
> the web pages don't update.
> When I run the crontab entries manually, it does update the data on my web
> page, whether I run it as root or as condor user.
> Why would the cron  not update my files ?
> Thanks in advance
> Nicolas
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