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[Condor-users] Help me please (Failed with reading packet header)

Hello every body,

i'm testing PVM example over condor-6.7.17 (i'm not
using AFS or NFS) . the problem is:

when i submit the job SchedLog gives:

IO: Failed to read packet header
condor was unable to read and write to buffer. the job
terminated with status 110 and i have no think on
output file.
it seems that is a problem with Sched and Negociator
Deamons. After condor_master_off

SchedLog gives:
IO: Failed to read packet header
Socket activated, but could not read command
(Negotiator probably invalidated cached socket)

( in config_condor.local i set:

DedicatedScheduler = "DedicatedScheduler@xxxxxxx"
STARTD_EXPRS = $(STARTD_EXPRS), DedicatedScheduler

in mailing-list i have seen a similar problem with MPI
example but without solution.

i cry. i need your assistance please !!!!!



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