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Re: [Condor-users] >>> > !!!! help !!!!<<<<ERROR: UNABLE TO SET PERMISSIONS ON EXECUTE DIRECTORY


Relax! Take a deep breath.. I had run into a similar problem with this except on
the linux side using no shared file system. I don't know if this will help you
but the problem was solved when I added condor to the group "nobody". There is a
good chance the problem is something simple. Its good that you are pushing for
Condor at your institution, I'm doing the same, right now i'm doing a
comparitive analysis between grid computing and cluster performance needless to
say grid computing is holding up quite well.

Good luck man

New Mexico State University

Quoting anumula sachin kumar <askafriendonline@xxxxxxxxx>:

> i just can't figure out why my jobs run for a while
> and go into IDLE state....
>               i have used the condor for windows and
> formed a cluster of 4 windows 2000 professional system
> with one acting as a Central Manager.. i used the
> example file printname and wrote a few submits of my
> own but.. strangely they dont run..
>               the job log reveals a  "SHADOW
> EXCEPTION!.. can no longer talk to start daemon on
> execute machine."
>           and the Starter Log revealed an ERROR called
> DIRECTORY ==========
> Condor users out there; a help here can bring an
> entire institution to use condor for HTC. 
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