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[Condor-users] Windows NTFS issues with timezone changes

Am passing this through the normal support channels but thought it was
worth mentioning to any other windows users on the list who may be
puzzling why every condor installation decided to unilaterally restart
itself over the weekend.

* Symptom

C:\Condor/bin/condor_master.exe was modified, restarting.

(or similar) in your master log

* Reason

this kb article details the behaviour

Basically the windows stat function on NTFS systems where DST time
changes are desired automatically will not return a consistent value
of st_mime across the DST change - this makes condor think the file
has changed and it dutifully gets going restarting everything.

* Solution

- Wait for a new condor version (not likely for anyone currently with
a pending time change)
- Switch off the auto adjust (no idea if subsequently adjusting the
time manually will also trigger it - but at least you then have the
option of when it will happen.
- Accept that the restart is inevitable and work around it.

Any Australian users have a whole extra week to either accept it will
happen or try to deal with it :)

Rather unpleasant but nothing anyone who got hit by it can do about it
for 6 months - just wanted to save other people the debugging time