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Re: [Condor-users] Lost address file

I'm having the same problems with the same characteristics with 6.7.18. 
Any suggestions?

Ryan Garver wrote:
> Ryan Garver wrote:
>> I'm having a strange problem with my address files that are being put
>> down by the master and schedd daemons.  I have all of the *_ADDRESS_FILE
>> settings filled out.  The strange thing that I'm experiencing is that
>> the .master_address file is created, and then disappears.  It also
>> appears that my .schedd_address never is created.  Every thing seems to
>> be performing properly and if I set the -name parameter for condor_q I
>> can see the schedd's queue correctly.  This is annoying from the users
>> perspective (requiring the -name parameter) and also when I shut things
>> down I get errors because the schedd can't be found (BTW this is a
>> personal condor install).  What could cause this, and how might I fix
>> it?  Thanks
> Just to give you some more information on this.  I am using the
> cold_start tools for this.  My main config file looks like:
> <<< Snip
> MASTER_ADDRESS_FILE = $(EXECUTE)/.master_address
> STARTD_ADDRESS_FILE = $(EXECUTE)/.startd_address
> SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE = $(EXECUTE)/.schedd_address
> CREDD_ADDRESS_FILE  = $(EXECUTE)/.credd_address
> <<<
> and EXECUTE is set in condor_config.local_install as:
> EXECUTE = /cs/sandbox/student/rgarver/condor_install/conf.snoopy/execute
> This directory does exist and has in the past yielded a .master_address
> and .schedd_address and in fact does produce one when I start a single
> personal condor locally using the same sets of files and binaries.  I am
> executing this over ssh with all of files for condor pre-staged, that
> seems to be the only difference.  As I said above, the .master_address
> at least (.schedd_address may also) makes a brief appearance and then
> disappears.  This is not mentioned at all in any of the logs.  The whole
> system continues working properly however.  Without these files shutdown
> becomes very messy. 
> I would appreciate any suggestions on how I might continue to debug this
> and resolve the issue, Thanks.

Ryan Garver