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Re: [Condor-users] ERROR PLZZ HELP OUT Could not fetch ads --- can't find collector

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 10:29:59PM +0000, ?quipe iga cnrst wrote:
> Hi, i have this error in one machine : getpeername failed so connect must
> have failed.
> and in onother machine i have : Can't connect to  <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9618>:0 ,
> errno= 22
> Connect failed for 20 seconds; returning FALSE
> ERROR : SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9618> failed
> Error sending update to collector
> Please help.

We can't help you because your request for help doesn't make
any sense - what are you trying to do? 

Based on your log file snippet, it looks like your collector 
might be misconfigured and is only listening on the loopback
interface. Check the beginning of any logfile and you should see
a big message message like:

WARNING: Condor is running on the loopback address (
of this machine, and is not visible to other hosts!
This may be due to a misconfigured /etc/hosts file.
Please make sure your hostname is not listed on the
same line as localhost in /etc/hosts.

Also, in the configuration file of hte machine running your
collector (ie whatever host you have defined as CONDOR_HOST in your
pool) put
NETWORK_INTERFACE = 123.456.789.987 

where the 123... string is replaced with the IP 
address of that machine. You should only make that change
on the host running the collector (or, if you make that
change in every host, make sure you use the IP address
of the host that you're making the configuration file change on)