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[Condor-users] About DAGMan Model

Dear all,

    I'm new to Condor. I understand that DAGMan forbits cycled dependency between jobs to avoid deadlocks. However, since I notice that DAGMan supports the keyword of "Retry" to repeatedly execute a failed job, I'm just wandering whether it is possible in DAGMan to specify the looped execution of another DAG for a pre-defined number of times (just like the "for" clause in many common programming languages)?
    Also, how to use DAGMan to specify the alternative choice of two jobs for execution? I think I read a paper that says DAGMan supports the specification of sequential, parallel and alternative relations. But after I read the manual of Condor about DAGMan, I'm just a little confused how to specify the alternative relation with DAGMan.
    Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards!

        Respectfully yours, Kevin