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Re: [Condor-users] Condor and OpenMPI

Fabiano Portella wrote:
My question is: since they want to use OpenMPI as a middleware for mpiBLAST, is there any problem to run OpenMPI jobs in Condor? I saw that Condor doesn't provide support for MPICH2. Is this applicable to OpenMPI? Do you have any link or doc informing how put them together to work (OpenMPI and Condor)?

Condor should be able to run OpenMPI jobs with the condor Parallel Universe which is new in condor 6.7. We provide sample scripts for Lam and mpich jobs startup. It should be easy to modify the mpich startup script for OpenMPI, it looks like the only thing you will need to change is the way to specify that "condor_ssh" is the "ssh" that mpirun uses to launch execute nodes. For openmpi, you can modify the mpich example file so that the mpirun line has something like

mpirun --mca pls_rsh_agent path_to_condor_ssh

and that should do it.