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[Condor-users] Condor and OpenMPI

Hi fellows,
I'm facing a architectural problem that I'm sure you can help with suggestions.
I'm working with a bioinformatic lab (I'm a science computer undergraduate) and they want to optimize the execution time of their applications.
First of all, they want to increase performance of BLAST. They decided to use mpiBLAST to split BLAST database into smaller parts to be stored in PCs. The idea is increase local execution, but in a near future build a Grid to interconnect other labs of the project.
My question is: since they want to use OpenMPI as a middleware for mpiBLAST, is there any problem to run OpenMPI jobs in Condor? I saw that Condor doesn't provide support for MPICH2. Is this applicable to OpenMPI? Do you have any link or doc informing how put them together to work (OpenMPI and Condor)?
Thanks in advance.

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