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[Condor-users] IDLE jobs

We're experiencing something somewhat odd with Condor. Presently, all of our nodes are for production only (i.e., none of the machines are used as workstations) and the START ClassAd on all machines is statically set to TRUE. The machines all have 2 processors and we haven't tinkered with the virtual machine settings, so the number of VM's per node is 2.

Here's the actual problem...Two jobs were sent to node-5. The other nodes in our cluster became saturated with jobs and the Condor scheduler somehow sent another job to node-5. When this happened the status of the first job started on node-5 became "I" and the new job had a status of "R". As I understand things, once the scheduler started the two jobs on node-5 a third job should NOT have been allowed at all since there are only 2 virtual machines. What am I missing?

Hrant Hratchian

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