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Re: [Condor-users] problem submitting globus jobs to condor

In general, this release for Windows works the same as the release of Condor for Unix. However, the following items are not supported in this version:

 Check this link .....

On 5/4/06, sima patel <skpatel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are trying to use Condor-G as a client to submit jobs to Globus-run
services but are having problems.

* We have Globus 4 installed on a linux server (gf1.ucs.indiana.edu)
and know the installation works correctly.

* We have installed Condor on a separate Windows machine and have
verified that it can submit jobs to a vanilla Condor cluster.

* We next modify the condor_config properties on the Windows host and
restart the condor, as described in of
Specifically, we added the following lines:
GLIDEIN_SERVER_NAME = gf1.ucs.indiana.edu

* We also installed the Java CoG Kit 4.1.4 for its Java Globus client
tools and can get a credential on our Windows machine using the CoG's

* We now try to run a sample scripts on gf1 from the Windows machine:

the content of test.cmd is as follows
executable = test.bat
globusscheduler = gf1.ucs.indiana.edu
universe = globus
output = test.out
log = test.log

* But we get these errors:

ERROR: You are trying to submit a "globus" job to Condor. This version
of Condor only supports "vanilla" jobs, which perform no checkpointing
or remote system calls.  See the Condor manual for details

If anyone has any idea please let me know..


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