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[Condor-users] feasable policy?

I'm trying to work out if the following set of policy requirements can
be met using Condor 6.6. 

We have a bunch of machines that are dedicated to doing computation.
Some of the machines "GM" have been bought by a group "G". An ideal policy
would be the following:
Jobs submitted by people in G:
	1) Prefer to run on machines in GM if available.
	2) otherwise, if any machine is available, run it there
	3) otherwise, preempt a job running on GM owned by someone not in G
Jobs submitted by people not in G:
	4) If a machine not in GM is available, run there
	5) otherwise, run on GM

I believe I know how to implement 1,2,4,5. I'm having trouble with 3; I
get the impression that it involves PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS, but can't
see how that can be used to distinguish between machines. 

Andy Roosen

- Andrew R. Roosen, Ph.D.
- Computer Operations Administrator, CTCMS
- National Institute of Standards and Technology