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Re: [Condor-users] feasable policy?

Andy Roosen wrote:
I'm trying to work out if the following set of policy requirements can
be met using Condor 6.6.
We have a bunch of machines that are dedicated to doing computation.
Some of the machines "GM" have been bought by a group "G". An ideal policy
would be the following:
Jobs submitted by people in G:
	1) Prefer to run on machines in GM if available.
	2) otherwise, if any machine is available, run it there
	3) otherwise, preempt a job running on GM owned by someone not in G
Jobs submitted by people not in G:
	4) If a machine not in GM is available, run there
	5) otherwise, run on GM

I believe I know how to implement 1,2,4,5. I'm having trouble with 3; I
get the impression that it involves PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS, but can't
see how that can be used to distinguish between machines.
Andy Roosen

Assuming you've done something to handle determining if someone is in G, all you have to do is set up the RANK in the GM config files to prefer people in G. This is pretty close to the machine RANK examples in the sample condor_config files, except that the example simply refers to individual users. Machine RANK will preempt jobs in favor of ones in the queue that the machine prefers.

Similarly, you can have the users add RANK statements to their submit files indicating their preferences for or against GM machines.

- dave