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[Condor-users] Network problems

I've noticed various messages in some of my logs that look rather like networking problems to me, but the network management is handled by people other than myself. Can anyone suggest what the problem(s) might be, so I can complain more effectively? Many of the MasterLogs on my pool have frequent messages like:

5/10 17:36:17 Sock::bindWithin - failed to bind any port within (9600 ~ 9700)
5/10 17:36:17 SafeSock::connect bind() failed: _state = 1

And having just submitted a cluster of jobs, the SchedLog on my submit node has multiple entries like:

5/12 14:38:28 IO: Failed to read packet header
5/12 14:38:29 Started shadow for job.. etc

which repeat for each shadow that has been started.