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[Condor-users] How do I configure more schedds on one submit machine (Condor man ager)?

Hello condor_user,

I tried to configure multi schedd's on one submit machine (this is also the
Condor manager);
but I didn't succeed; we are using CondorVersion 6.7.18.

Is there someone who has this also running on one machine?

What do you have to create before you can start (local directories, etc.)
and how does this appear in the condig file(s)?

Is it possible to give all the config entries (in one or more
condor_config.local-files) for more schedd's on one machine;

I also tried to make use of SCHEDD_NAME;
because we you want to set up more schedd's with each an different name;

It would be nice if you can give an complete example how the config_file(s)
should be setup with more defined schedd's;

I also looked into the manual; but I could find an example.

I'll hope someone can give the information I try to find,

Thanks ahead for your reply,

Kind Regards,


Pieter Oldenhuis

Dienst ICT Uitvoering (DICTU)
The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)592-332525