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[Condor-users] Condor and Warewulf

	This question has probably come up before, but I have not found it in
the archives that I've looked at so far.  It is a warewulf cluster with
a master node with two nics.  The nix for the internal network has an IP
in the network. The internal network is private and
therefore has no domain associated with it.  With no domain the
condor_install script refuses to run.  If I create a bogus domain to
make the install work, it wreaks havoc with warewulf, which now thinks
it has double the nodes (with and without the domain attached).
	I have also tried the condor_configure script and it completes the
install and will run on the master node.  When I do the install on the
compute nodes, it completes but the "host" command fails (because there
is no domain) and says that condor may not work properly.  Sure enough,
it doesn't.  Attempts to start it give a message something like "Can't
find address of local master" even though pinging all of the nodes
(master and compute) works.  If I try to start condor as root it fails
with a message about UID pairs not matching the password info (even
though they do).
	Is there a way around this "no domain" problem for internal networks,
or should I use a bogus domain and reconfigure warewulf?

Thanks in advance,

Bill S.