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Re: [Condor-users] Orphaned jobs?

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The problem has been fixed by rebooting the submitting PC. All the jobs have
been automatically requeued by condor and are sitting idle. We'll see if they
run OK overnight (our policy only lets jobs run outside of working hours).
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Subject: [Condor-users] Orphaned jobs?

We have a situation where jobs are apparently running but are also not running!?

condor_q -global

shows a bunch of jobs running on different machines, as does

condor_q -global -run

all with increasing run times each time the command is used.

However the command

condor_status -run

shows NO jobs running, as does the condor_status command with no arguments.

I have even stopped the condor service running on some PCs and they STILL show up
using the condor_q commands with increasing run-times, although they no longer
appear using condor_status (as you would expect).

We are running a couple of windows pools (with flocking enabled) using linux central
managers and all running 6.6.10

Any ideas? Thanks.



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