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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath] Could you help me submitting a job, gracefully?

You are a great help. Please let me say that I'm really grateful as this had taken my complete 2 x 18 hours/ day.

So thank you. However, I'm still unable to execute the jobs. They remain idle forever.

On 5/24/06, Matthew Farrellee <matt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's too bad. I got the impression back in March that you were
submitting jobs...

I'm sorry that in desperation I didn't remain clear enough when i said i could never submit it. Actually, I could submit the jobs with the previous version but they only rotted in the queue with Idle forever status.

As you clarified my mistake with this version. I am again able to submit the jobs; However, as I said they never execute. I have waited 4 hours and there are 9 jobs. Condor is configured to always execute the jobs.

> Exeption thrown says:
> ----------------------
> Validation constraint violation: data type mismatch xsd:byte in
> element <data>

This is not much information to go on. My best guess would be that
you never regenerated the stubs for 6.7.19's WSDL files...

I was using an evaluation version |DE environment which uses some previous version axis (may be 1.2 or may be there was some other problem). Anyway, I had to  compile it manually with axis 1.3  and it changed all the files ; whatever the reason.

So your best guess traced the problem very accurately. Thanks :)


This is unrelated to your reported exception, but the executable for
a Java job should be java, e.g. d:\\bin\\java or wherever you keep
it, and the argument should be TestJob (as you have it).

hmm.. you replied otherwise last time.  Anyway, I have tried both these ways many a times but the jobs do not execute and only remain idle. However, if i submit them on the command line then the do execute.

28 feb afras
>      i.  String cmd: What does String cmd specifies in my case when
> I am submitting a java class file to be executed? Should I write
.> "java" here as this should be the command, apparantly. What's the
> difference between cmd in helperfunction's argument and
> 'executable' in xx.sub file, which is submitted at command line:
> xx.sub is a hypothetical name ?

28 feb matt
I believe the "cmd" and the "executable" are the same thing -- it
says that in the code if I remember correctly. So, your "cmd" would
be the main class of your application, for the Java universe [1].

I've taken your TestJob.java and with the above change managed to
have it run without problem. To capture the output you might also
want to consider passing extra (below) instead of null in the second
to last argument to submitJobHelper.

ClassAdStructAttr[] extra = {new ClassAdStructAttr("Out",
ClassAdAttrType.value3, "stdout.txt") };

Thanks for this. Could you please also tell me how it  runs because here it only adds up in the queue with "idle" status.


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