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[Condor-users] General scheduling question

Good evening everybody,

I have a general scheduling question:

I have a job A and some resources X1 ... Xn. Traditionally,
condor would match the job to ONE resource. I'm looking
for the possibility to execute the job A on ALL resources that
match the requirements, i.e. if condor says

"there are 19 machines matching the job request"
I would want condor to submit the job to all of those resources.
The requirement is very simple, i.e. it is just one ClassAd attribute
set to TRUE (e.g. IsSpecificResource = TRUE).

Does anybody have an idea how to do that with condor,
especially with birdbath? One idea I had was to query the collector
for all ClassAds that have the attribute set to TRUE and then
manually submit the job to each of those resources, but that seems
like a nasty workaround.

Any other ideas?