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[Condor-users] stork installation : confused about credd / authentication

Hi all

my sysadmin & I are trying to implement a Stork server for our existing & working Condor pool; it looks like we got lost somewhere around the you-will-need-credd-for-Stork-and-certificates-all-around-the-place bit :(

I've read the http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/stork/docs/Stork_technical_reference_manual.txt thoroughly, and I'm still puzzled: the stork_server and credd daemons are running (checked the logs, everything's fine) but still no bonus...

Is there any guidance (if possible, step by step) for Stork installation? Our Stork server runs well in a Personal Condor environment, but as soon as we try to submit Stork jobs from another submit node on our cluster, we get authentication errors.

TIA - any help welcome!

PS1: Maybe it's because we don't have kids yet ? ;)
PS2: We don't *need* any authentication or credentials by ourselves, but it seems that Stork can't live without. If we can do without, please let us know how...
PS3: our cluster is Linux only, no Windows interference