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Re: [Condor-users] Need information about the Downloading Condor-Clientsoftware

> Actually I need to download condor client software so
> that machine which is not part of the condor pool
> would get information about the condor pool without
> manually log on to the machine which is part of the
> condor pool using ssh.
> I tried hard to find the information about this condor
> client software but have not got any information.So I
> am just wondering whether this software exist if yes I
> would appreciate if someone can point me to the
> link.Thanks.

All the Condor binaries are available as a single download bundle for a
specific platforms. See:


You can read about the different Condor binaries and the Condor security
model here:


The index is particularly helpful. You'll want to look at the
'condor_status' binary.

- Ian