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[Condor-users] some fedora core 6 questions...

I have managed to install Condor on FC6 on a x86 machine. Problem is I have not been able to make Condor to be started automatically every time the machine is booted and also I have not been able to add it to the system path so that I can use a command without specifying the whole path. As a result, I have to do stuff like ~condor/sbin/condor_master instead of just condor_master.

I am the complete Linux doofus and I have tried to follow the instructions in the manual to no avail. I dont know if FC6 uses System V (whatever that is), but I have added the condor.boot example to /etc/init.d (except i renamed it to condor) and also created soft links to it in rc.d and all the rc*.d, but condor still doesn't autostart. Can someone please help me out with these two problems?!
(my release directory is ~condor and local directory is /condor)

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