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Re: [Condor-users] Private IP address pools


I just thought that I should post the answer to my own question. I tried to
install GCB on FreeBSD anyway although it wouldn't compile at first. I fixed
the compile error after much frustration and it seems to be working fine
(flocking works now). For a detailed explanation of the problem (and
solution) feel free to visit
http://people.cs.uct.ac.za/~cparker/masters.html. Please - if there are any
errors or omissions that you feel I should include on this page - let me


Christopher Parker

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I am a newbie to condor and am trying to flock a condor pool with about 16
nodes. The internal nodes have static IP addresses i.e 192.168.1.* and the
 central manager (with outside access) is a FreeBSD machine. From what I
have read, GCB only works on linux so I am a bit stuck at the moment. Are
there any other tools that can be used to solve this problem - perhaps
routing all traffic through the central manager somehow? I have another
manager up and running on the public network and want to farm jobs off to
the cluster.



Christopher Parker (BSc. Hons)
Department of Computer Science
High Performance Computing Laboratory
University of Cape Town

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