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[Condor-users] idling jobs


I have submitted 30 jobs to run on a farm with 30 nodes. The "submit"
file looks like this:

Universe        = Vanilla
Executable      = athena_condor.csh

environment     = HOME=/home/dgoldin;SHELL=/usr/local/bin/tcsh
arguments       = /home/dgoldin/atlas/batch/jobOptions/jO_011.py
Log             = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_011.py.log
Output          = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_011.py.out
Error           = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_011.py.err

arguments       = /home/dgoldin/atlas/batch/jobOptions/jO_012.py
Log             = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_012.py.log
Output          = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_012.py.out
Error           = /data/dgoldin/log/jO_012.py.err

I am the only user on the farm, but what I see is only 5-6 jobs are
running simultaneously and the rest are idling. Can I reconfigure
something so that all the jobs run simultaneously? Could it be a
priority issue? (If it can be done, I'd like to do it non-intrusively,
i.e. keep the running jobs running...)

Thanks much in advance,