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Re: [Condor-users] is condor open source?

On 4/11/07, o c <send_junk_here_10101@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apparently this question is a source of great
amusement to long time Condor users.


The developers insist on referring to it as open
source. I have heard Miron Livny and Dan Bradley do so
in talks.

The "ask and we'll consider it" approach is not
typical of what people understand by the term "open
source", but then it is an ambiguous phrase, I guess.

Condor folks: is there any hope that it will become
open source in the normal way even if the code is
untidy/hard to compile/any other reason that has been
quoted for current situation?

IMHO I suspect that the recent focus on security issues is indicative
of a desire to fix one the (percieved) critical issues before opening
the source to the world.

I make no value judgements either way as to the utility or otherwise
of the above - just making a guess :)