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Re: [Condor-users] Eviction Problems

On 4/16/07, Hrant P. Hratchian <hhratchi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My group is using Condor to run programs that can NOT be checkpoint'd in a
way that's compatable with Condor's eviction/restart scheme.  Therefore, we
need to turn off evictions entirely.  We are running Condor version 6.8.4.
I have the following settings in the condor_config file:

WANT_VACATE             = FALSE
KILL = False

In previous versions this always seemed to work, but presently )with 6.8.4)
we are running into sporadic evictions.  Is there a standard set of flags
that I need to set?

What are the startds' RANK setting?

If this is variable it will cause preemption no matter what (though
this has always been the case in at least 6.6 onwards)