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Re: [Condor-users] Condor jobs being prempted by local jobs?

Christian Mason wrote:
We're running a fairly small condor cluster (16 dual core cpus, so 32nodes) on machines that are also general purpose compute servers. I think we're running into problems where condor is marking a CPU as busy when users are running other (non-condor) processes on the machines.

I think the confusion is because some users are bypassing condor and running their jobs directly on the machines. This causes CpuIsBusy = TRUE (e.g., condor_status -l s11) and prevents these machines from getting matched to jobs. Meanwhile, condor_q reports these machines
misleadingly as idle.

Is there a way around this? I've read the Preemption and scheduling sections of the manual, and they all appear to deal with how to handle scheduling WITHIN condor. Is there a way to make condor's threshold for flagging a CPU as busy significantly higher? How about increasing the
priority that ALL condor jobs run as?

Have a look at CPUIdle, CPUBusy in the configuration file as well as BackgroundLoad, HighLoad (these are the actual thresholds).

Regards -
Jan Ploski