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Re: [Condor-users] "PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user"

Michael Jinks wrote:
I'm revisiting the setup for some execute nodes that I haven't paid
attention to in a while, and running into some bother.

I have a simple init script which runs condor_master, followed by

Typically you don't need to initiate a condor_on after you start the condor_master. Unless you went out of your way to configure things differently, by default the condor_master will start up Condor on the node upon startup.

When it runs, my MasterLog shows:

   DaemonCore: PERMISSION DENIED to unknown user from host <128.135.1
   7.55:50686> for command 455 (DAEMONS_ON)

Obviously the "unknown user" here is root, on the local machine.  Can
anyone tell me what might really be happening?

Only machines listed via HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR (or users specified in ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR) in your condor_config file is allowed to issue condor_on/off commands. See if is listed. Typically, folks just place one or two well-trusted machines into HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR... often times the central manager by default.

Hope this helps,