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Re: [Condor-users] Flocking

All I can suggest is that -pool and -remote are not normally used with Flocking.
You send jobs to your local pool as normal and then condor may decide to hand over any
spare jobs it has to the other pool.

If you want to ensure that jobs run on the other pool, then for testing, try
naming one of the remote machines in the submit REQUIREMENTS, then it can't run
in local pool, and should eventually flock to the other one (assuming all
other requirements are satisfied).

Trying to use -remote is something different to flocking and may require additional
security settings.



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> Hi all,
> Im trying to do flocking on VMware using condor 6.8.5. i followed the 
> instructions which is on condor web page. All the deamons in 
> both pc are 
> running. I m using the command condor_submit -pool "name" 
> -name "schedd" 
> submitfile.sub" and the command: condor_submit -remote "name" 
> -pool"name" 
> submitfile.sub. The results are the same:
> Submitting job(s)
> ERROR: Failed to set Owner="Administrator" for job 42.0 (0)
> ERROR: Failed to queue job.
> Any ideas?
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