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Re: [Condor-users] HELP :"Claimed + Idle" jobs. What does this mean?

I've also seen this claimed+idle for long times. It is not clear to me
what's happening. Is it that some comunication between the client
sched and/or shadow and the startd needs to happen before the machine
can be released but cannot happen because of network issues or
premature death of the shadow? If this is so, it would be a place to
start looking.


On 8/8/07, Diana Lousa <dlousa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've sent a message earlier this week, reporting and asking for help
> concerning jobs that get stuck in Condor, but received no reply.
> Meanwhile I've realized that the jobs that get stuck (meaning that they
> terminate but condor_q reports that they are still running), appear to
> be claiming the machines where they ran. Using condor_status command
> shows them to be : "Claimed + Idle" for a long, long period of time.
> What does this mean? Since Condor does not appear to be actually running
> anything. Yet they are claimed and idling and not doing any work. When
> searching for solutions in the mailing list I realized that this seems
> to be a recurrent problem, yet I couldn't find an explanation.
> Thanks in advance
> Diana Lousa
> PhD student
> Portugal
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