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[Condor-users] Windows Behind NAT & Server Attempting to Connect to Private IP addresses

Hi -

I've just gotten condor 6.8.5 up and running on a bunch of Windows, Linux & Mac OS X machines.  Most of the execute nodes are Windows.  In attempting to add some Windows machines today, I ran across a new issue that I can't seem to locate a solution to.

I have a few machines that are behind different routers, and NAT has been set up to forward 10 ports for each compute machine.  The problem is that instead of attempting to connect to the public address and allow NAT to forward to the appropriate machine, the negotiator log is indicating that the central collector (not behind NAT) is attempting to connect to the private addresses of these machines rather than the public ones that should work over NAT.  I've seen that NETWORK_INTERFACE can be set to indicate which IP should be reported to the collector, but I also get the sense that it will attempt to use this to choose the network interface in use as well.  Since the behind-NAT machines don't really know they have the NAT box's IP, will that prevent them from binding to the main interface?  Is there some other more elegant solution to this?  I'd rather not go the GCB route since I have no linux machines behind the NATs these machines are on, and there are only 2 machines per NAT.

Breaking these machines out and connecting sans NAT isn't really an option since there are reasons why these machines are set up with a private network (when they're on duty in the lab during class season they need to be set up this way).

Any suggestions would ne greatly appreciated.  I've considered having different private addresses for each machine even when they're on different NAT boxes, and then re-routing traffic on the collector to the indvidual correct addresses, but that seems somewhat ugly to me.



James Snyder
Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University