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[Condor-users] File transfers in condor


I'm trying to use condor to schedule a DAG on a cluster. I use my own 
data repository so I'm not using either NFS or AFS, and I don't want 
CONDOR to retreive results into the submitting node for each task. So 
I've set the NFS and AFS attributes to false, and my job has its 
ShouldTransferFiles attribute to false. The problem is that with this 
setting the job only executes on the submitting node. I suppose 
executable, i/o/logs files have to be staged in using the condor file 
transfer mechanism, which I disabled by setting the ShouldTransferFiles 
attribute to false. It works fine by setting the file transfer to "YES".

Am I right in thinking that ? Is there another explanation ? Does 
someone know a solution for this issue ? Any help would be appreciated.

I use Condor 6.8.4 on Debian, all nodes have the same system.

Matthieu Cargnelli
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