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Re: [Condor-users] quill issue

> I checked everything that you mention, but everything seems fine.
> Strange enough the problem appears to be between Collector on master
> Quill on the other machine

Is DNS working properly? Can you do a lookup both ways for
control1.tc1.wpic.upmc.educontrol1.tc1.wpic.upmc.edu? For example:

nslookup control1.tc1.wpic.upmc.educontrol1.tc1.wpic.upmc.edu

And then take the IP address you get from that lookup and do:

nslookup <ip address>

Do you get the control1.tc1.wpic.upmc.educontrol1.tc1.wpic.upmc.edu

Are you using security of any kind between the daemons in the pool?

> This is what I see in the Collector logs:

What does the Quill log look like?

- Ian