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Re: [Condor-users] Running programs that are already installed onall machines in the pool

I am doing something similar. I have scripts which configure the
execution environments for the different parameter configurations in the
experiment. Each parameter configuration and associated execution
environment is setup in a different directory. Each directory however
contain a startup script which has the same name "run.sh". Thus, I only
need to call "run.sh" from each directory. Hence my submit file is of
the form:

initialdir = dir1
initialdir = dir2
initialdir = dirN

I'd be interested in seeing your submit, batch, and any other important
files, if you could send them to me. Thanks.

Ashley Mills

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>On 8/17/07, Mills, Ashley, VF-Group <Ashley.Mills@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to run Executable=bash with different scripts as inputs.
>> bash is already installed, as part of cygwin on all of the 
>machines in 
>> the pool. Thus I want condor to use the bash on each machine 
>and pass 
>> one of the queued scripts. Is this possible?
>> More generally is it possible to tell condor to look for the 
>> executable on the machine that a queued job is running on, 
>rather than 
>> copying the executable over to the machine?
>> Note that if you use a submit script that specifies bash as the 
>> executable it will simply complain giving "ERROR: failed to tranfer 
>> executable file".
>We skip the whole complex process with locally installed 
>scripting environments by having a batch file be our executable.
>This then knows how to launch BASH (and can do whatever fancy 
>tricks are needed to make it wok on different machines). We 
>submit the bash script as an input file so it is always 
>relative to the scratch directory where the job runs which 
>makes several assumptions people often make valid.
>The overhead of transferring a 1 KB batch file isn't so bad.
>The requirement that the cygwin install is accessible to all 
>users is also important!
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