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Re: [Condor-users] How to slip in later-submitted jobs

Finch, Ralph wrote:

1.  Will Condor now, without any further condor_config editing, give
Sally's jobs equal priority with Joe's jobs in competition for newly
available machines?

All other things being equal, Condor will try to give Sally and Joe an equal share of the pool, so if new resources become available, Sally should get them.
2.  Is it possible for Condor to give Sally's jobs a higher priority
*just for this submittal*?  We don't want Sally's jobs to always have
higher priority just because she is Sally, only because she indicates
they need higher priority somehow.

This can be accomplished with the machine Rank expression.  For example:

Rank = -TARGET.JobPrio

However, be warned that allocation of resources by machine rank is an iterative process. First the negotiator hands out resources based on user priorities. If a machine prefers to run some other job than the one that it got in the first round, this first job will need to be preempted (or suspended) in order for the machine to start running the preferred job.

3.  Is it possible for Condor to suspend a job and run another job on a
single machine?

Yes. It's not trivial, but it is possible. What you can do is create an extra execution slot that suspends its job when the other slot is active. Here's an example in the manual of how to set it up.